Hairdressers’ like Coworking spaces? Milan city council’s new regulation helps retailers cope with evolving market, by sharing workspace.

Hairdressers like Coworking Spaces? Yes sir.

Thanks to City Council member Cristina Tajani, if you run a hairdresser’s salon in Milan (Italy), you can now rent some of your seats to other collegues, and such sharing will be regulated by a perfectly legal contract.

Tajani is working for both the citizens of Milano – who can benefit of different services in the same place – and the small retailers coping an evolving market, often facing the shrewd competition of larger and stronger players.

“The retailers can benefit greatly from sharing spaces and coworking with other collegues. 

For this reason we have promoted a new regulation that allows similar professionals, such as hairdressers and beauticians, to share their professional workspace.”

Hairdressers like Coworking Spaces in Cristina Tajani view

So far the project is involving 70 professionals of wellness and beauty.

The news also fits into a broader context of initiatives that the City of Milan has undertaken during the past years promoting the sharing economy.

The city of Milan isactually one of the most sharing-oriented cities in Europe, with as many as 5 car-sharing company operating, with full satisfaction of the Milanese.

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