Welcome to Switzerland, Cowo® Network! Welcome to coworking, Mendrisio!

Coworking Svizzera: la rete Cowo.
We are happy and thrilled to announce the first Cowo® Coworking space in Switzerland, in Mendrisio.

Things happen because of people.

If we are able to announce Cowo®’s first coworking space in Switzerland, we owe it to the people who experienced Cowo® in Italy and decided with the Swiss branch of their company.

Isn’t this what the Cowo® Manifesto says, point no. 8?

Coworking enjoys the best marketing strategy: happiness“.

In other words… no marketing plan will ever beat the enthusiasm of a happy coworking community with a strong sense of belonging!

We could even say that this approach is now making our project… go international.

We feel that the Cowo® concept has no geographic boundaries.
To see it cross borders makes us very proud, and more responsible, too.

Being in a country different from our own – namely Switzerland – brings us some new responsibilities.

It means to explore and understand all specific, national aspects of the project, to begin with.

We have met this challenge knowing how essential it is, for a coworking space, to build its development and future success on good fundamentals.

First of all, the legal point of view.

In this regard, we want to thank the lawyers that studied the Swiss laws in order to put us in the position to offer coworking services complying with local laws and regulations.

None of this could have been done without you, guys!

And now: welcome to Switzerland, in the Cowo® Mendrisio/San Martino coworking space, now available for the local coworking community.

The new Cowo® Mendrisio/San Martino will meet all your needs: first of all, it’s super-easy to reach.

Then, once you’re there, you’ll be able to enjoy the widest range of services.

From the outbound telephone line to the fully serviced workstation and the comfortable kitchen at your disposal, the Mendrisio Cowo® coworking space is a fine start for our
network in Switzerland.

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