[From the Cowo Manifesto] “We make work a better experience through space/knowledge sharing, every day”.

We have already discussed the Cowo Manifesto, those 10 little rules that help us remember what coworking means for us (here’s the post dedicated to rule number 1 “Coworking is just a word. Only people give it meaning”, here’s the one on no. 10, “Coworking is a labour of love”).

Today, we’ll dig deeper on rule number 2, the relationship between people in coworking spaces and work itself:

We make work a better experience through space/knowledge sharing, every day

In every Cowo space, each person works hard, of course, but without forgetting that everyone’s knowledge that may help others – either directly or indirectly.

There are several ways for a coworker to make the coworking experience more meaningful for herself and for others… some of them:

1 . Sharing stories about her own personal work experience

2. Building networks with other coworkers

3. Giving/Asking for specific services 

4. Telling more about her work during community building activities (an example? Our monthly meeting, Presentation Lunch!)Cowo Presentation Lunch

5. Joining professional networks through other coworkers

6. Exchanging knowledge – all kinds of knowledge! (I teach you how to open a blog, you teach me how to play tennis!)

7. Supporting a Cowo space and suggesting new activities

All this contributes in making a difference in a coworking Cowo environment – so that everybody may have the best community experience!

The Cowo Manifesto has been released in Italian, EnglishFrenchSpanishDutch and Russian.

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