Coworking Europe Conference 2011: Italy is going, are you?

Berlin, novembre 2011: Coworking Europe Conference

So far, quite a few members of the Italian coworking community are joining the Berlin Conference, in November 3-4-5.

If you are not in the following list, please add your name in the comments, so that we can get in touch!

Mattia Sullini of Cowo Firenze/Mattonaia (Mattia has been Cowo’s ambassador at the 2010 edition, with the presentation “Seven Cowoideas for the future of Coworking“)

Stefano Borghi of Cowo Roma/Tiburtina

Davide Gheser of Cowo Villafranca/Verona

Massimo Carraro of Cowo Milano/Lambrate and founder of the Cowo network (Massimo will speak on nov 4th, 11.00 am)

Alberto Bassi, Stefania Burra, Domenico Rao and the whole team of Lab121, from Alessandria (Alberto will speak on nov 4th, 10:15)

Dario Banfi, journalist

We are looking forward to this event, not only for the international perspective, but also because sometimes you need to go away from your country to fully understand it, don’t you? 🙂

[See the conference program]

[See the conference speakers list]

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