Coworking Europe 2010: the European conference. Bruxelles 19-20 November.

As WebWorkerDaily has recently pointed out, the European scene on coworking seems to be as interesting as the North American one, were coworking was born.

In this respect, we have received an invitation that gave us a great pleasure, for two reasons: one, for having the possibility to be part of an important event, two, for the general interest that coworking is raising (only two years ago, in the first days of Cowo, such a thing would have been totally unthinkable).

The coworking community is grateful to Jean-Yves Huwart‘s effort in organizing the event and giving the Coworking Community the boost it deserves with Coworking Europe 2010 – The first European Conference on Coworking.

Right now we are figuring who, of the Cowo family, will be able to fly to Bruxelles in November.

Stay tuned (btw, here’s the conference’s Twitter account), we’ll let you know in the next weeks 🙂


  1. maxthemonkey 10 Ottobre 2010

    Thank you! It’s great to see this event grow as the days go by, it’s going to be really important.

    We hope we will be able to bring our experience to the people gathered. Are you videostreaming the event for those who won’t be able to be there?

    Don’t forget you can also write posts on Nomadwork, to increase the reach (we already sent a message to the whole community, early today).

    Keep us posted please,

  2. coworkingeu 10 Ottobre 2010

    Thank you Cowo project 🙂
    You are doing a terrific job in Italy.
    We look forward to see you in Brussels.
    Many Coworking owners, hosts, members, stakeholers… from all Europe are expected.

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